Choosing your paper quality and weight is fundamental to your finished product so we think you should choose wisely. Paper quality or Grams per square meter (GSM) as it is known, means the higher the number the heavier the paper.

All paper starts its life as uncoated then the preferred finish is added to your job. this could be a lamination, gloss, silk or matt etc. Choosing what you need and what it will say about your brand is the first port of call.

Gloss paper comes in 130gsm 150gsm and 170gsm and 300gsm which is normally used for flyers and leaflets as it has a high shine. As the ink dries well there is no need for a seal varnish as the ink does not rub off.

Matt paper isnīt shiny because it is coated with a matt lamination which prevents glare and is the most common finishing technique. It is created by applying a thin layer of plastic to paper or card sheets to enhance and protect the printed material from moisture, staining, smudges or tears. Common types of laminate are soft touch, gloss, matt and silk which makes it excellent for durability and enhances the vibrancy of the ink colours.

Silk coated paper is the in betweener, it has a beautiful smooth silky coating which is smooth to touch without the shine. This type of paper is suitable for magazines, books, catalogues and flyers.

UV Gloss coating is a premium coating that makes aspects of your design really stand out. It provides a much greater shine than gloss paper, particularly when added to a laminated, as the Spot UV Varnish is ideal for you logo, pattern or name.

Uncoated paper has no coating, making it excellent to absorb the ink receptivity which makes it ideal for forms, appointment cards letterheads and memo paper because it is ideal to write on. This specialist paper can also be used for invoice pads, receipt books and order pads using carbonated paper, as it has a coating on the surface which transfers the written image onto the paper below, so you dont need a carbon sheet. Lamination provides extra durability, strength and style so that you really make an impression, because they look and feel amazing and can be either matt or gloss.

Kraft paper is ideal for a rustic look, try our eco-friendly 350gsm paper that is naturally coloured using cocoa shells, these business cards give the perfect vintage finish. Kraft is the ideal choice for cool, artisan businesses, and minimalist designs with black ink. These cards can be written on, ideal for leaving a personalised message for the recipient.

It is our job to advise on how to choose the most suitable paper quality for your printing project. If you live in Northumberland or surrounding areas and would like us to visit to discuss your requirements please request a call back and we can discuss a suitable date and time with you.

If we can help with any advice and guidance, or you would like a free sample pack, please get in touch for details

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